Almost Home

by rich ~ July 25th, 2012. Filed under: Uncategorized.

Demos in the bag, the last spurt of summer festivals, Keitele, Oulu, Valkeakoski coming up starting tomorrow. After that some sweet time in my own bed in NYC, haven’t seen it in almost 2 months, will my dog still recognize me? Is my favorite restaurant Chez Oscar still there? Is my bicycle still there or has it been stolen like the last one? The tram nr 6 is changing into Q train, instead of 16 degree days its going to be 30 celsius, i think i’m ready, hell yes, been one helluva summer again w The Monroes but yes I’m ready to go home and squeeze my mama, hang w Quest and walk Elvi, thanks everyone for a great summer. LUV

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  1. Sami… I have to apologize;
    At the Mike Monroe gig last year in Hollywood, i waited and waited by your guys’ “Party room/dressing room” door for Monroe to come out so i could get a long waited autograph.. (i know you remember because i look so much like him)and i told you i was his brother… u looked a little taken back when i didn’t ask You for one, dude… “u are the Bass-Man Beyond” i would prolly love ur autograph more than his. I just always felt that other connection thing with him directly because of the looks thing and cuz im a singer as well.. and have been since around 1981… so i am truly sorry for the lack of respect that you deserve from that nite…
    P.S. Cant wait for the Mad Juana to gig hollywood;)
    Luv You Man!!

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