Nov 2, 2012

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I’m in Stockholm,Sweden, recording the next Michael Monroe album,a follow up to the critically acclaimed previous album Sensory Overdrive(Universal Music) .
I flew over to Sweden from my hometown of NYC as the Hurricane Sandy ravaged city started on the massive clean up. Jetlagged, I arrived at the recording studio to find out its the same bloody studio(Park Studios) where we recorded the first Hanoi Rocks album(Bangkok Shocks Saigon Shakes Hanoi Rocks) in 1981.The sight and the vibe took me for a head spinning walk on the memory lane, all sorts of fond hallucinatory memories popped up in the back recesses of my brain.The whole band crowding into a Volvo in the studio parking lot in -15 Centigrade dark Sweden winter to listen to the mixes and argue about the instrument levels,the sound engineer, who in everyones opinion was way too friendly with his pet dog Bamse….
As I write this we have 14 backing tracks done in 4 days w a producer that we cant name yet…….
Gotta say this man with no name is brilliant and we are in very capable hands. We are looking at an April 2013 release followed by a looooong world tour.
On the Mad Juana front, we just finished recording new demos in NYC before,during and after the hurricane. Very excited about how the songs are forming, look for a 2013-14 release. The Mad Juana musical excess train is reaching new heights with the new band members and inspired song writing.
Go to for the last Monroe tour dates of the year and go to to keep up with our stuff.

Take care everyone and speak soon…I promise…


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